Our Vision

Conscious Inclusion is about consciously seeing beyond the obvious and putting a pause on our unconscious autopilot. Here we will bring together thought leaders for an inclusive view into the real world of conscious inclusion.

Conscious Inclusion

Powered with the technology of TalVista we focus on helping People professionals take conscious actions while attracting diverse applicants, screening diverse candidates, and selecting diverse candidates, who are qualified, to full open roles within their organization.

Here we will curate content that focusses on ways to be consciously inclusive at all levels of the organization to ensure candidates SKAs are the focus rather than their gender, race, ethnicity, age, orientation, or physical ability.

Things to Consider


What is Conscious Inclusion? 

Conscious inclusion can be defined as “strategically execute[ing] a practical approach to driving the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that allow us to value and leverage differences to achieve superior results.”

Conscious inclusion is possible when we are aware of our personal preferences. Preference is another way of saying bias, both conscious and unconscious. Though it is essential to be mindful of our biases, this mindfulness must inform and shape our actions for the better. In this way, conscious inclusion moves beyond unconscious bias to change the way we act. 

Choosing to be consciously inclusive is necessary in the workplace. It involves taking action to prevent our biases from influencing our decisions, like how we go about recruiting and who we choose to hire. How do we talk about inclusion in the workplace and look for solutions to ensure diversity? How does technology play a role in helping candidates, recruiters, and hiring leaders maintain awareness of their bias and reduce its effect?

The advantages of diversity in the workplace are well known. When we are around people who are different from us, we think differently and in more creative ways, and we work smarter.  Diverse teams are more innovative problem solvers, returning a more robust bottom line.

Humans have Bias

If you are a living breathing human being you have developed preferences for things and people you like and those you don't. This is normal. It's how we are raised but it doesn't man you cannot be conscious about your choice and make adjustments in your preferences.

Humans Run on Autopilot

Humans are constantly inundated with information. We are never without our digital devices and as such we allow our "autopilot" to make decisions for us just so we can make it through the day. This will cause humans to miss out on vital information to make decisions with that will result in lost opportunities.

Humans Rely on Subjectivity

Many humans are comfortable with ambiguity and subjectivity. When making critical business and hiring decisions the less subjective the better the outcomes. When subjectivity is replaced with objectivity humans begin to be more conscious about their inclusive decisions.

Being Consciously Inclusive is a Good Starting Point!